Casa Romana


ID: #82
Type: Flat
Contract: Flat
Location: Dharuhera

Multi-dimensional brand new mix of showrooms (retail offices), corporate offices, food court, entertainment zone, service apartments, and extreme adventure park. There are places where success drives motive and then there are places where excellences drives success. At Astonishia , excellence is not only the motive but also the way of life.

A penchant to create the most astonishing edifices is not only a pre-requisite for the people working with the group but also the biggest and d strongest motivator. With Astonishia , we are breaking into a brand new concept we fondly like to call “the shell”. The shell signifies a world in itself. From retail, to office workplace, to homes, to entertainment zones to food courts and even extreme adventure parks, all packed in a world crafted keeping solely your comfort in mind. Drawing line from the earth’s self sustaining system, we devised this project to make it self sustaining in every aspect that it can be. Once you step in your world, you would want to make sure, you have everything you need (and much more) right there.



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